Casement Window
Horizontal sliders:
Consist of two sashes, one or both of which slide horizontally in the frame. They are the least energy-efficient of the window types listed here, and the most prone to air and water leaks.

Single-hung windows:
Include one fixed sash (usually the top one) and one that moves up and down in the frame.

Double-hung windows:
Include offset upper and lower sashes, which can both move up and down in the frame. Both the single and double- hung windows are not as energy-efficient as awning or casement windows, but their appearance may be more appropriate to the style of the house, especially in the case of older homes.

Picture Window:
This is a non-operating window (stationary)

Is a window that has radius at the top and can also be a full circle.

Hinged at the top and opens out from the bottom. With an effective seal, this design minimizes air infiltration.

Hinged on one side and swings open like a door. This design provides the best seal and has the lowest air leakage for a window that opens.
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